Mistic E-Cigs Review

For this Review of Mistic E-Cigs, if I had to summarize the Mistic Electronic Cigarette brand in one word, I would say FULFILLING.

Reasonably Priced

I’m not sure where else you can get a starter kit for under 15 bucks. You can even get these for less when using a Mistic Coupon Code.

Very good vapor release

Once I charged the battery in my USB port, screwed the cartridge on the e-cig and began vaping I filled my office up with vapor. Some of the other electronic cigarettes I’ve tried were wimpy when it came to the amount of vapor I exhaled. The Mistic E-Cig tops this and is quite robust.

Appropriate levels of Nicotine

My wife does not smoke or vape but I had her try the Watermelon flavor (because I was so impressed with it) and she loved it. It was like an after dinner snack, on the sweet side like it should be. With only one puff she mentioned that she tasted and felt the nicotine in it. Many people ask if the nicotine level is satisfying for a smoker and the Mistic Brand certainly is.

Which reminds me that the Refillable E-Cig Starter Kit called THE MISTIC BRIDGE was so easy to put together and fill with the E Liquid. As mentioned we started with the Watermelon flavor and look forward to trying many others. The tip on the Bridge is unlike many others as it has a wonderful rounded shape where you puff from. It also looks very realistic.

When you combine the HAUS Personal Vaporizer made by Mistic with the Haus E Juice that has a nice variety of flavors, you can take your vaping to a new level.  Many different brands of electronic cigarettes have Free Shipping offers and Mistic has you covered here as well.

Finally I found out that they have sold Mistic E-Cigs to over a million people that are quite happy with the product. Where there’s a crowd there’s a reason. So check it out for yourself.


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