Breaking News: South Beach Electronic Cigarettes Drastically Reduces Their Prices

South Beach Electronic Cigarettes has announced a drastic reduction in prices and when combined with a south beach smoke discount coupon they simply cannot be beat. South Beach Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits are now the most reasonable value in the marketplace and you can even save up to 35% over other brands like Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes, for instance.

Some prices of electronic cigarettes have been reduced by almost 50%. This amounts to almost half the price for what they used to sell for. The quality has not changed, just the pricing. South Beach Smoke is looking to become the front runner in the marketplace and the top ranked brand within a few months. With this new pricing and using a south beach coupon code to buy a cartomizer or even a starter kit, you are surely making the right decision. Check out this chart below to see exactly what South Beach has done. This is certainly going to shake up the industry!  Hint: Click to Enlarge

south beach smoke price reduction

So this time of year (Autumn) not only brings us great College Football on Saturdays and awesome NFL action on Sundays, but special holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving as well. In order to celebrate this, South Beach Smoke has come up with a special Fall Promotion and Coupon Code you can use to save an additional 10%. The name of the coupon code is “GIVE2011” and it even comes with Free Shipping on your order. Just so you know, when you use that coupon code and if you are purchasing a Premium Kit, the discount will not apply since the South Beach Premium Kit is already at the rock bottom price of $29.99 with a Home Delivery Program.

So when I sit in my media room this fall and watch all the incredible football action on the big screen, I no longer have to go outside for a smoke. I can now sit and watch the games and toke up on my electronic cigarette from South Beach Smoke. This is such a relaxing and comfortable feeling and provides me with hours of enjoyment.

So get on board with South Beach Smoke and take advantage of the incredible prices of electric cigarettes along with the many discount coupon code offerings and enjoy your fall season, after all, you do realize that the cold is yet to come….

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