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Watch a quick 2 minute video that shows people trying South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes for the very first time. Most people never even heard about electric cigarettes. This is sometimes better than a written review of electronic smoking in that it can show you real people living in the moment.  Afterwards you may want to review our South Beach Discount Codes to save money on your purchase.

Tobacco Free Cigarettes are a Smokeless Cigarette

Are you aware that there is now a Smokeless Cigarette? These Tobacco Free Cigarettes are also known as Electronic Cigarettes or Electric Cigarettes. Becoming ever increasingly more popular, the tobacco free cigarettes are exactly that, they contain no tobacco but only a nicotine liquid of your choice of levels. Here is some more Information on Electronic Cigarettes.

Articles on the Smokeless Cigarette

Discover the E Cigarette | Drugs And Help

Since then, the e cigarette has become a popular device, especially to smokers interested in quitting. But even though the e cigarette is tobaccofree, tar-free, and smoke-free, as well as providing a cleaner alternative when it means …

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Smokeless Cigarettes Support Groups – Port Townsend Leader

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Videos on Tobacco Free Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette Tips For Electronic Smokers, Get Most From Smokeless CIgarettes Use Totally Wicked Coupon DS9A5 save 7.5 percent Your new electronic cigarette is not a complicated device but with anything new there is always going to be a bit of a learning curve. Here are some tips on the best way to m…

How the eCigarette Works

Welcome to the revolution in healtier, cheaper and guilt free smoking. The e cigarette gives you all the nicotine you want without the 4000 other chemicles and cancer causing agents. You can smoke it anywhere, as it gives off no smell! To learn more …

Electronic Cigarette Review of Ever Smoke

Here is our Electronic Cigarette Review of the Ever Smoke Electronic Cigarettes, one of the many brands that we carry here on Buy E Cigarettes Online.

If you were to compare the prices for all of the different manufacturers of electronic cigarettes, we think you will find that Ever Smoke Electronic Cigarettes may be a little more costly than some of the other brands. In order to conduct our research we ordered the Ever Smoke starter kit. Even though the price was a little higher than others we have seen, we were still impressed, in fact, the Ever Smoke electronic cigarettes very well could be the best electronic cigarettes on the market today. We still have plans to try some others.

The Ever Smoke starter kit comes with a long and short style battery. They are both mini electronic cigarettes but one is more like a 100 style as opposed to a regular size. It is good to have both so you can chose which you like better. The longer battery seems to last longer because, after all, it is the battery that is longer so it stores more energy in it.

The Ever Smoke E-cigs are basically the new electronic cigarette because they are only a two piece design.  As soon as you get your delivery you will immediately see that these are a different class of electronic smoke.  The main reason for this is that the Ever Smoke produces the most vapor of any electronic smoke we have reviewed. The intake has the most habit satisfying characteristics that we have come across.

It doesn’t get any easier putting the Ever Smoke electronic cigarettes together. You just screw the atomizer into the battery. The atomizer comes attached to the flavored cartridge so when you buy replacement cartridges from Ever Smoke, you always get a new atomizer.  This is one reason why the cost is a little more than standard, however, this is also the reason that they work better. Always having a new atomizer will result in a better and more even intake of your favorite flavor cartridge and getting a more realistic feeling of smoking, even though it it just vapor.  Isn’t that worth it to you?

If we were to compare electronic cigarette makers to different makes of cars, perhaps the Ever Smoke Electronic Cigarettes might be considered the Mercedes brand equivalent.

Electronic Cigarette Review of BLU Electronic Cigarettes

Here is our Electronic Cigarette Review of the BLU Electronic Cigarettes, one of the many brands that we carry here on Electronic Cigarette Central.

If you were to compare the prices for all of the different manufacturers of electronic cigarettes, we think you will find that Blu Electronic Cigarettes may be the most reasonable. When we began our initial research we found that the Blu starter kit seemed to be the best deal out there. Are they the best electronic cigarettes? Read on….

We got our delivery of Blu electronic cigarettes well after we expected. Yes there was a delay because at the time they had a recall on the Blu pack so they weren’t shipping Blu starter kits for a while. By the way, the Blu pack is a real nice device because you can load your e cigarettes into it and they stay charged while on the go.  So after many weeks our Blu electronic cigarettes finally arrived.  They came partially charged so we immediately attached the atomizer to the battery and placed our first cartridge on it. We ordered the menthol flavor since our many years of smoking tobacco products were of the menthol variety. It puffed right away and it was fascinating.

We were amazed at the flavor and how they worked. It was really quite simple to put together, even though the Blu electronic cigarettes are a three piece e-cig model. They worked pretty good for the first couple of days and then we realized we were not getting the same draw that we did from the start. We then changed to a new cartridge and got some better satisfaction, but soon realized that it might be that the atomizer was no longer working.  We ordered some new atomizers and when they arrived we realized that this could really work for us.  The BLU replacement cartridges are also one of the most reasonably priced cartridges on the market. The BLU menthol flavor cartridge is really nice while the vanilla flavor kind of tastes like smoking a pipe with flavored tobacco.

If we were to compare electronic cigarette makers to different makes of cars, perhaps the Blu Electronic Cigarettes might be considered the Cadillac brand equivalent, but it is priced accordingly.


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Where will you be smoking this Winter? Out in the Cold?

Today, many smokers are finding that Electronic Cigarettes are the ‘Healthier Choice‘. We carry the best tobacco alternatives available where the tar, carcinogens and other cancer causing chemicals are eliminated.  Our suggestion is to get going with one of the starter kits below and begin the enjoyment of being able to smoke when and where you wish.

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